Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge - Linen | Refashioning of the Week

Hmm. Today is Linen in the Pantone-Inspired Colour Challenge hosted by Literate & Stylish and The Modern Austen. Now this one has had me puzzled for the last week. At the moment I'm writing my blog over three seperate computers and on each of these three computers the colour looks really different. My first impression was that this colour was a light, clear rose, then I saw it as a light beige and finally a light orangey peachy pink. I always though that Linen was more of a brown but I'm going to cover all bases here anyway.

My various interpretations of Linen this week

Stockings are the closet thing I have a beige linen in my wardrobe!! I know they don't really count - but they do allow me to wear more of a spring outfit for my Autumn challenge. My band-aid and foundation match the linen beige too. For the pinky linens I'm seeing I think my earrings are good. The gems in my scarf have at least two of the shades of linen I see as well, the pink one and a the more orangey one.

Top: Big W
Skirt: Target (actually refashioned from dress)
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Dressing Your Truth
Band-Aid: Coles
Scarf: Target....mostly..

Yes!!!! You got me!! This is a refashion! Take it away Refashioning of the Week snoop....

Do your remember this black scarf I bought on my $50 shop? Well I did have an ulterior motive for buying this!........ Adding sew-on gems!!!!

This scarf was really wide so I folded in half and sewed the sides together. 
I then folded in half again.
The gems I bought were just from the local craft store, it was a really good packet as it had a mix of all sorts of shapes and colours.
I arranged the gems into a flower pattern. I'm sure any pattern would look great here - flat-back gems look amazing on anything.
After all the gems were in place I proceeded to glue them on with super glue. The one I used here is a new purchase that I'm very excited about. It's called Ultimate Glue by Crafter's Pick and it's a non-toxic, water-soluble superglue. 
Remember to use gloves and work in a ventilated area when you are using stronger glues. 
Once all the gems were glued I proceeded to sew them on (this really in an optional step, if you use enough glue if should hold them well-enough).

It did take a while to sew this (1hr). Just as well I recorded The Voice the other night! Go Celia, Jackie and Harrison!

I actually only had enough gems to do a bit less that half of it - but I don't think it really needs more and sits better by being quite minimal.

This amazing necklace is what  first inspired me to make the scarf. I bought it from Portmans earlier in the year. I originally got the gems with the plan of making a similar necklace. I'm still going to try to make something like this but I thought a scarf is more appropriate for this time of year (Autumn for me). 

Is Linen here? Maybe I should have worn this instead?

Join us this week at the linkup at either Heidi or Maissa's blog. There is still time! And the best colour is yet to come!

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  1. Glad it wasn't just me somewhat baffled by what colour linen really was!

    1. Me too. I'm glad someone else saw it as light pink and its not just me going crazy! I went all week thinking it was pink only too change computers yesterday and see it as brown. I can't work out to comment on your blog.

  2. I always think of "linen" as sort of a sandy beige color, but it does look a bit pink on Pantone's chart. Curse all these novel names for colors!

    That necklace is gorgeous, btw. I'm glad you chose to wear the scarf because it's fun, but I really want to see the necklace in an outfit soon.

  3. I think this color was a challenge for everyone! I am so glad you still joined us anyway! I think the necklace could also fall under the linen category--in fact, it can be whatever you want it to be :)

  4. Very nice! I love the gemstones on your scarf.. Really fancies it up!

  5. at first i was going to wear a blush colored cardigan, but rethought that choice when i looked at the color again. now i just think of linen as beige, but i could still be off! either way, thanks for linking up with us! :)

    heidi @ literate & stylish