Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Ways 5 Days - Dresses

I love love love dresses! All mine are black, pink or blue. Somehow I don't have any here with me so it's polyvore again I'm sorry. Today I'm featuring my future yellow lace dress - similar to my yellow lace top I wore earlier in the week. This is a dress I'd be prepared to learn to sew for.

5 Ways 5 Days


  1. I think this dress fits the definition of "fun spring dress." I love the color--and I love that it's lace! I can only imagine all the ways you can wear it!

    1. Hi! Thanks! Thanks for all your lovely comments here! The 5 Ways 5 Days Challenge is such a great idea - has been so much fun! Next time I'll be showing real outfits for it, not on polyvore! Your blog is great, so many super cute outfits and great ideas :) Feeling quite inspired.