Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Latest Jewellery Designs

Here are some of my latest jewellery designs I've been working on. These will be earrings. They are made from resin and photo paper. I draw the patterns myself, print them and apply a thin layer of jeweller's resin on top. I plan to use a solid black resin on the back and finish with sterling silver findings. The earrings are about an inch by an inch large. I hope to start selling a small number online later in the year. I also hope to begin some resin tutorials here too. I'm still new to working with resin so a lot of learning is still required for me! All these are pure, saturated hues, which haven't translated too well in the photo. The checked pattern is much shaper too and polka dots pure white.


  1. Oh my gosh! These are so beautiful! All of your jewelry is really just amazing! I wish I was a Type 4 so I could wear it ALL!! Love, love it!

    1. Oh wow thanks!!! I didn't see this comment before. I wish I was type 1 so I could wear type 1 jewellery! It's so much fun! Most of the jewellery I wear and make is type 1 influenced - I'm type 4/1 - so hopefully Ill have some posts with type 1 designs and ideas soon!