Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bit Square Has Moved!! Domain name change.

Bit Square has moved
New Address:

Sorry to do this to all and hopefully this will be the only change I make!
I feel I've now proven to myself that I can maintain and love writing a blog. As even I struggle to remember my current domain name I feel it's necessary to change. 

I only purchased this domain name yesterday and have basically just copied and pasted my entire blog over. I've spent the morning tweaking links so that they all should work now. I still haven't worked out how to transfer the domain name on bloglovin'. I have also seemed to have lost all your lovely comments! For some reason only my comments have transferred at this stage. Does anyone know anything about this?

Please let me know if anything isn't working! I'll keep this domain open in the mean time so you can contact me here. I won't be publishing any more posts on this site though.

I hope to set up to sell jewellery online within the month.

Find me here. Find PSY here modelling awesome handbags.

See you there!

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