Monday, April 29, 2013

Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge - Emerald

I'm participating in a blog linkup this week which means I'm going to have to get super organised! The linkup is shared over two absolutely wonderful blogs I discovered during the week, Literate and Stylish by Heidi and The Modern Austen by Marissa. For this linkup a colour is designated for each day of the week to celebrate spring with- yeah yeah yeah, I know - it doesn't make any sense as I'm in Australia and facing an increasingly chilly Autumn! As I usually consider Autumn to be one of my favourite seasons, I feel it's appropriate to celebrate along anyway! Today is emerald green. It's a work day for me too, which means all black and a great chance to wear my emerald green cardigan!......

Oh no! What's this?

Car insurance renewal!! :(

As I have such a busy week ahead and only half an hour before work - I'm sorry, I'll need to multitask here!

Car Insurance Done. Fashion Shoot Done. Ok off to work!

Here's a better shot of my necklace (it didn't come up too well in previous photos). It's from Lovisa. I didn't make or refashion this one! Here is also what I might have worn if it were spring - and yes well spotted! I didn't think I was going to able to slip this one past you! The skirt was indeed a refashion from a former dress.

Autumn Outfit
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Harris Scarf
Shoes: Big W
Necklace: Lovisa

Potential Spring Outfit
Top: Big W
Skirt: Target (refashion)
Shoes: Harris Scarf
Necklace: Lovisa  

Join us this week at the linkup at either Heidi or Maissa's blog!

literate & stylish


  1. Oh my gosh, you're pictures are adorable and hilarious! I love it! You look amazing in green. Thanks so much for joining us, even though you are entering autumn!

  2. haha, your post made me laugh out loud! i'm so glad you are joining us! even if you are in a different season from those of us in the states, your outfit is certainly similar to many i am still wearing myeslf--we're not quite out of tights season yet! :)

  3. This was funny! I get the same look on my face when our credit card bill arrives. I have to go through my memory bank to determine how to justify my spending to my husband! I love your green cardigan and more so your pendant! It's beautiful!

  4. That color is so lovely with your hair. I like your spring outfit, too!

  5. Susan took the words right out of my mouth - that green looks fantastic against your hair!

  6. Wow!!! Thanks for all your lovely comments here everyone! What a nice surprise to come home to :)